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Things That You Must Not Store

January 31, 2020

Things you must not store in a storage unit.

You would think that if I rent a storage unit that I can store anything I want...not so I'm afraid. When people store stuff, they forget that if something happens inside their unit like a leak, it goes into their neighbor's unit too. Even if it's just plain old water, it still leaves a mess and damages other stored articles, not even counting how bad it gets if there is a fire because something flammable was stored.

Everything that you see on this page has happened many, many times in just about every facility in the business.  So, to save your own stuff and that of your neighbors, these are the things you must never, ever store in a storage unit.


Gasoline - diesel - alcohol - propane, etc.  If it leaks, it can disolve things, burn or explode. All bad....

Fuel cans, fuel containers or batteries

These are hazardous whether full or empty. The fireman doesn't know it's empty and an empty can with vapors can be even more dangerous than a full can. Batteries can be very dangerous in the fact that they can leak acid, or explosive vapors. Don't store your car batteries in a storage unit. Their corrosive nature is extremely damaging.


This includes but is not limited to gun powder - primers - dynamite - det-cord - ammunition – bullets. You would think it self explanatory, but nope. Don't do it.


Pistols - rifles - shotguns - cannons etc. In California, a self storage unit has been determined to NOT be a secured environment. Now true, an unloaded gun is physically safe, but if there was a break-in, you could still be liable, according to California law that is, for the California gun storage rules are harsh, and we sure don't want a child or a bad guy to get ahold of a firearm.

Compressed gas bottles

These include propane - butane - acetylene - oxygen - map gas - or any other bottle or container of gases. Like the gas can, if there is a fire and the firemen see a compressed gas bottle, they are going to back away for fear of explosion.


Whether prescription or illegal, to include marijuana or other "recreational" drugs. We are governed under Federal Law even though California says some of that stuff is legal. You don't want your stuff to get stolen and we don't want to deal with the break-in. Yes, we have alarms, but seriously, do I really want to confront a bad guy during a theft of illegal drugs when, if they know there is nothing to steal, they won't show up in the first place. In regards to legal prescription drugs, it always seems like the tenant needs to get into their unit in the middle of the night. Nope, not going to happen. If it's a drug, don't store it in a storage unit. Keep it where you can access it when you need it.

Drug paraphernalia

Drug processing equipment or "grow" equipment. Same as above, don't store drug stuff in a storage unit.

Food stuffs

Rice - bagged dry goods - canned goods - water - all types of liquid drinks - fast food and their wrappers - meats etc. All these articles draw mice, rats and insects. We try really hard to mitigate the pest problem, don't encourage the little beasts. We're trying to get them off of the fast food diet.

Liquid chemicals

Paints - thinners – solvents, cleaning supplies etc.  If it can leak, you can't store it. Again, you would think people would get it, but you would be surprised. If you really want to see a nasty mess, spill dish soap, it's insane to clean up and damages wood something terrible, not even counting if it hits a fabric like a chair, sofa or mattress. So, cleaning supplies, nope, don't do it.


Dogs - cats - fish or livestock. This is the grand NO NO, please don't ever store a live animal in a storage unit. It's just so wrong on so many levels. And going on vacation and storing your fish for a month, and putting a months worth of food in their tank.... still not going to have a live fish when you get back, and the smell....won't comment on that.


We, as an operator of self storage, all of our tenants, the fire and police departments, and your neighbors will thank you in advance for your understanding in realizing that there really are things that must not be stored in a self storage facility. If you still do and something bad happens, we told you so.... It's like in a monster movie, don't go into the creepy house in the middle of the night, just walk away, call Uber or something and live another day.

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Things That You Must Not Store
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